What's coming on year 2016 on this blog

What's coming on year 2016 on this blog

I have had a hectic start of the year 2016, and I had to neglect writing for two weeks. It is always a bit burdensome when the variable year increases as there are mandatory paperwork to do, projects starting, also, I have some tasks as a treasurer of on martial arts club, etc. Things have now settled, and it's time to get back to the rhythm.

What to expect and where the ideas come from

I have several things in my "pipeline":

  • more blog posts on "Holy Trinity" of React, Immutable.js and Redux
  • interviews (I would like to interview people who are doing interesting things behind the scenes)
  • on unit testing
  • the current state of the React 3rd party components
  • (material design)

Most of the ideas are collected from my day job and side-projects. Sometimes people ask me something, and if I don't know the answer, then I might investigate and write about it.

I have a side-project related to the podcasts, and it is a good place for me to experiment with different ideas. Now that I am doing React+Redux, I have two ways of approaching a problem to be solved. Method 1: Define the UI state (hierarchy), write reducers and actions and after that decide how it should be rendered. Method 2: Create HTML mockup and start from there to better understand what I need to have in the code-side.

On my daily basis, in my current project I write C# and TypeScript. I had one year break from C#, but it didn't slow me down as I had done so much C# development in the past. Surely, there are new features in the language, but those are not mandatory to accomplish a task. I think writing JavaScript has made me better C# developer. Maybe that is something worth writing about.

Any suggestions for topics or did the proposed topics resonate? Send a tweet and let me know!

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