Podcasts for Web developers, designers and curious minds

Podcasts for Web developers, designers and curious minds

The Web development and it's tools, libraries and best practices are constantly evolving and keeping yourself up-to-date is sometimes difficult. What I like to do is use few different mediums to get the latest information. One of them is listening podcasts as I stare screen too much already while doing daily programming.

Here is my current (May 2, 2015) list of top podcasts to listen.

Web Development / Design

ShopTalk Show

I really enjoy listening this one as there are two easy-going hosts (Chris Coyier from CSS Tricks & Codepen and Dave Rupert from Paravel Inc) talking in a very relaxed format. Show contains two types of episodes: Rapidfire and one with the guest. Rapidfire is a listener Q & A session. Episodes with a guest starts with a discussion at the beginning and then there is a Q & A session where guest participates.

If you are a seasoned Web developer or designer then you might find some of the episodes filled with questions from people who are starting a Web related career. I still come back to this as I really enjoy the relaxed format, great hosts and guests.

Favourite episodes:

The Big Web Show

Podcast by Jeffrey "King of Web Standards" Zeldman is a long-form (40-60 minutes) podcast that goes deeply into one topic. Jeffrey has a long history in the Web development/standards/design and knows how to ask good questions. He seems to have a skill to put guests in a thinking mode.

Great guests and well-thought topics. Jeffrey's Web history knowledge is a really nice addition to the discussion.

Favourite episodes:

The Web Ahead

Slightly similar with the Big Web Show, but differentiating factors are host Jen Simmons and a little bit more focus on the development side instead of pure design talk. Long-form discussion with various Web experts. I had to put 1.2x speed to my podcast player, otherwise it would be too dreamy to listen.

Favourite episodes:

The Path to Performance

New podcast by Katie Kovalcin and Tim Kadlec focusing on a web performance. The duo has a programmer (Tim) and a designer (Katie), so you get two different angles on a topic. This podcast is new one, but I am looking forward to hear more.

JavaScript Jabber

JavaScript Jabber is more like a JavaScript panel discussion with changing guest. Guests are really good and topics interesting, but something in the format is annoying me. There are so many "hosts" who can shout questions and I don't even know who was the asking. Sometimes episodes are lacking a structure because everyone can have their own thing that they want to hear more from. Great guests and topics save a lot.

Programming and IT in general, but contains plenty of Web Development

.NET Rocks!

This is a looooong running show with more than 1100 episodes! The name suggests a lot of Microsoft stuff, but trust my word there are topics varying from career as a software developer to Richard Campbell's great (almost) monologue about water power.

Both Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell are professional when it comes to producing a podcast. They seem to get a really good dialogue going on with their guests and all episodes have a clear structure.

I highly suggest to listen their Geek Out's and also "Making a Thousand Podcasts with Carl and Richard".

Hard to pick favourites from the huge list of podcasts, but here are few:


This is a compact (~30 mins) podcast from Scott Hanselman that doesn't waste your time. The show is well-produced and there isn't much small talk, all 30 mins you'll get is rock-solid information to your ears. Like in the .NET Rocks! topics vary a lot.

Favourite episodes:

The hardest part is finding quality shows, I would like to hear your favourites!